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Gaby Popper, a Montreal dog trainer who that specializes in training dogs & teaching dog owners the philosophy of training their dogs with POSITIVE reinforcement. I offer a wide range of services for dog owners, from private to group dog training lessons to dog boarding & dog tune up. What ever your needs may be, I am here to help.

Group Classes

The truth about the classes you will be attending is that they are designed more to train you than your pet. Learn More

Private Lessons At Home

Designed for people with young children, the elderly, the handicapped, dogs that require individual attention, or the busy scheduled person. Learn More

Dog Boarding Services

Don’t leave your pet in some cage vegetating while you go out of town. Let him board with an instructor where he can live a full and productive day. Learn More

Advanced Dog Training Club

Spend the afternoon perfecting the skills taught in our basic course; heel, stand, sit, down, stay and come without the use of a leash and also to hand signals. Learn More

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Basic Obedience

Learn More
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Designed For Dog Owners

Learn More
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