Best Montreal Dog friendly neighbourhoods

NDG, Griffintown, La Chine and Verdun are some of the best Montreal Dog friendly neighbourhoods. Here are the reasons why. 


Parc Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, more commonly known as N.D.G., is home to one of the most developed dog parks in the city. The N.D.G. Dog Run is a large space in a corner of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Park, with a water station, many types of terrain, seating for people, and shovels to pick up after your pet and to reduce the use of plastic bags. Head further West on Sherbrooke and find dog-friendly boutiques like Bailey Blu and Döghaus.


Aside from being a family-friendly neighbourhood, Outremont is a popular neighbourhood for your pup. Outremont is known for been one of the best Montreal Dog friendly neighbourhoods. The Canine Park located on Rockland, in Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park, offersdogs a large running space, surrounded by luscious trees, with lots of room foryour pal to run free and make friends.

Mile End

This trendy neighbourhood is full of stylish boutiques and trendy cafés. While your dog will enjoy a long walk on the sidewalk as you window shop, he’ll especially love an afternoon well spent at the Laurier Park dog park. The park offers lots of space for you and your fury friend, as well as a fenced in area, where your dog can run freely and play with others off-leash.


The waterfront walking paths of Lachine make for excellent walks with your dog. Dogs also have their very own off-leash space on Victoria near 28th Avenue in the very family-friendly neighbourhood. For access to the dog park, families must join Canine Family of Lachine, an organization that oversees dog registration and ensures proper vaccination.


Griffintownwas once a very industrial sector. Now, you’ll find many new condo developmentsand old buildings being converted into homes. Dogs have their very own space atthe Gallery Dog Park. The Park is managed and protected by a proud community ofdog owners. There is a water station on site, and the space is great formeeting fellow community dog owners.


Dog owners in Verdun can bring their canine companions the Champion Park dog run, where dogs can roam freely and interact with others. The park has a large space for running, surrounded by mature trees and beautiful greenery, picnic tables and benches, water, and a shelter in case of bad weather.

Le Plateau

There are many public parks where you can spend some quality time with your dog such as the lush Lafontaine Park, which has its very own space for dogs where they can run and interact off-leash. It is know for been one of Montreal Dog friendly neighbourhoods. You’ll also find many other smaller dog parks within the Plateau.

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