6 Tactics for Dog Potty training in winter in Montreal

When the temperatures drop in Montreal, dog potty training success can also take a downward slide. Persuading a puppy to face the cold rather than potty in the convenience and warmth of the indoors often requires extra effort and planning.

Some puppies are relatively unaffected by the winter elements; for these dogs, learning to dog potty training, even in the worst weather, can be fairly simple. But for sensitive pups, colder weather can turn potty training into a much bigger chore. One of the Pug that I trained, Willy, was one such puppy; he absolutely hated the cold — and still does! When I first brought him home, the only thing that puppy wanted to do in winter weather was curl up in a ball on top of my boots — forget about asking him to step one single paw into the snow, much less relax enough to do his duty. Fortunately, Willy is now very reliable about relieving himself outside, even in the coldest weather, but winter weather made potty training him especially challenging.

If you and your puppy live in an area where extensive rainfall, snow, hail, slush, ice, high winds or cold temperatures have you convinced your puppy will never potty outside, don’t worry! He’ll learn — but it will take a little extra effort on your part. Here are six winter weather dog potty training pointers to help get you and your puppy on track for potty success, even in the worst weather conditions.

Bundle up.

Not all dogs need clothing, but for those especially distracted and affected by the elements, it creates a protective barrier, reducing the stress of outdoors. It’s important to with the most delectable treats, toys and positive attention. Blanket-style vests sitting on the dog’s back with attachment straps at the chest and belly are often easiest for puppies to adjust to. As your dog becomes more comfortable with outerwear, you can train him to wear a coat or sweater that slips over his head or that cover his paws. For dogs who hate getting wet, rain jackets and overalls may help. Prior to the potty breaks, make sure all clothing has proper cutouts for elimination; afterwards check that the clothes remained clean and dry.

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