Did You Book Your Montreal Summer Dog Boarding Reservation?

Did You Book Your Montreal Summer Dog Boarding? Figuring out the right pet boarding solution during summer travel can mean the difference between a relaxing vacation and one where you are in a constant state of worry. Thoroughly researching the safety and reliability of your summer dog boarding options in Montreal is important, but making sure that your dog will be happy and well looked after is equally important.

Here are a few key tips to help you effectively plan your pet boarding before you leave on summer vacation.

  • Start Looking Early – most dog boarding facilities fill up quickly, especially over long weekends during the summer.
  • Visit The Boarding Facility – drop by unannounced for a tour. The facility should always be clean and staff should be gladly willing to give you a quick tour. There should also be plenty fresh, clean water and cool off options for your pet. See how the current guests are acting. Are they having fun? Would your pet fit right in?
  • Update Your Pets Vaccines – When was the last time your pet had their shots? Don’t wait until the last second to realize that they might be overdue.
  • Book Early – if you already know when your vacation starts, that means you know when your pets vacation starts as well. Just like you make reservations for your flight, a car, or a hotel room, you need to reserve your dogs space!
  • Call To Confirm – a week or so before your summer vacation starts, call ahead and confirm that your  dog is ready to be received. You can use this call or visit to confirm feeding requirements, update your emergency contact information, discuss any medicines that your pet might take, and anything else you need to highlight for your boarding provider that may have changed since your initial reservation.

Just following these simple steps will help your planning tremendously and bring you earlier peace of mind. Gaby Popper Montreal Dog Training is actively taking summer reservations for dogs and we are booking up fast. Don’t wait too long to make your call! Act early and avoid disappointment. There is no worse feeling than to have to ‘settle’ for a second choice and your pet deserves better! Deciding how to care for your dog in your absence is a big decision. Research and adequate planning will ensure that both you and your dog have a happy vacation this summer!

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