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Montreal Dog Training Group Classes & Lessons

Group Dog Training Classes

$150.00 - (4 weeks)

Puppy or a mature dog, you have come to the right place. You will learn all the basics necessities of dog obedience & ownership. The classes are held weekly and are 90 minutes. All past students are encourage to return for quarterly refreshers and corrections, at no additional fee. Further more, if for any reason, you wish to repeat the complete course, you may do so at no cost

The Class Schedule

Dog & Puppy Training Dates

Wednesday Evenings 2017

Start Date End Date Start Time Session Length
January 4 January 25 19:30 90 Minutes
February 1 February 22 19:30 90 Minutes
March 1 March 22 19:30 90 Minutes
March 29 April 19 19:30 90 Minutes
April 26 May 17 19:30 90 Minutes
May 24 June 14 19:30 90 Minutes
June 21 July 12 19:30 90 Minutes
July 19 August 9 19:30 90 Minutes
August 16 September 6 19:30 90 Minutes
September 13 October 4 19:30 90 Minutes
October 11 November 1 19:30 90 Minutes
November 8 November 29 19:30 90 Minutes
December 6 December 27 19:30 90 Minutes

Course Overview

Results For our Dog Training Group Classes

4 Week duration – 6 Hours of Instruction – $150.00 All Taxes Included

  • We will cover elementary canine health, care, feeding, first aid and behavioral habits.
  • We will correct some common problems like housebreaking, jumping on people, chasing cars, barking, biting, food stealing, etc.
  • Your dog will walk with its nose at your knee with the use of a leash.
  • Your dog will come instantly upon command.
  • Your dog will sit upon command and stay in the spot regardless of distractions, for a limited time.
  • Your dog will lie down upon command and stay in the spot regardless of distractions for a reasonable time.
  • Your dog will stand upon command and allow itself to be groomed and treated.

Rules For Our Dog Training Group Classes

Dogs should be three months or older to join our dog training group classes. Bitches in season are not permitted in class. Do not feed the dog directly before class. Please see that the dog is well exercised beforehand. When entering and leaving the building, and in the hall, keep the dog away from walls and pillars. Do not let the dog soil the grounds. Watch your dog to prevent mistakes. If several members of the family (children included) will be handling the animal, we encourage that they all attend our classes at no extra charge. We encourage our past students to return for quarterly refreshers and corrections, also at no additional fee. Upon completion of our obedience course, you may repeat any lesson you feel your dog has not mastered to your satisfaction. All you have to do is call us at 941-2178, and we will tell you the date on which the particular lesson you are interested in will be held. No additional charge. If, for any reason, you wish to repeat the complete course, you may do so – also without an additional fee.

Equipment Needed For Dogs

  • A training collar (slip chain).
  • A leash at least 6 feet in length.
  • Shoes with flat heels. (Non-slippery soles are easier to work in).
  • (Equipment is available for purchase at school)

Our Dog Training Method

Your dog loves you and will work- for your praise. Whatever form it takes, positive reinforcement is the key to our training method. The effect of punishment on any animal is to make him hate or fear you. Besides the emphasis on positive reinforcement, our training technique stresses operant conditioning. The truth about the classes you will be attending is that they are designed more to train you than your pet. The classroom is a poor environment to train the animal, with twin distractions of people and other dogs to take its mind off the work. However, once you have been shown the proper method of handling your pet, the real dog training that follows will be on a one-to-one basis.


Classes are held weekly, commence promptly and are of 90 minutes duration. Please be on time. Rushing in gets your dog excited and also disturbs those already working. Weekly classes are supported by halfhour per day of home exercise.


Saint Kevin’s Church, 5600 Chemin de la Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal.

What Students Have To Say

A Fresh Set of Eyes

“Our biggest problems were as simple as pulling on the leash or jumping up when we walked in the door. This became very frustrating. Training on our own was definitely not working so we had to turn to a personal trainer in the area. Gaby really made us understand what we were doing wrong. A fresh set of eyes can often help you see what you been missing in your training.”

Rosanne C

- West-Island

Socializing Was Our #1 Priority

“I took Gaby’s group training in order for my young pup to gain socialization skills which was our number one priority. Now I have a much better handle on my dog without struggle. We can even go for walks and meet other dogs; no more insecurities.”

Marissa M amazing dog training Services

Marissa T

- Boisbriand

Serious Behavioral Problems

“Our dog developed a serious behavior problem a few months after we adopted him. He starting guarding certain items such as food bowls, and he was getting aggressive when playing or even to cut his nails. We started to think we were in over our heads. The goal was to find a professional trainer who could not only fix the problem but to manage and prevent serious problems in the future.”

Mike S Happy With Montreal Dog Training

Mike S

- Westmount

Rex, He Just Couldn’t Deal Anymore

“After the new addition to our family, Rex was not dealing with the changes in the household very well. By attending the classes, we were able to understand why he was acting in strange manners. He is now very loving towards the baby, they are inseparable.”

Sherry G, Best Montreal Dog Traning

Sherry G

- Saint Laurent

Penny-Lane goes to Board

“When we decided to go on vacation we had no idea what to do with our Penny-Lane. None of our friends or family were able to help. We were stuck and pressured for time. A friend recommended looking into Gaby’s dog boarding. The timing could not have been better. PL was well behaved and was very well taken care of.”

Sarah M From Laval the best dog training services in Montreal

Sarah M

- Laval

A Great Help for When You’re Stuck

“I took my dog to boarding when I had to book a last minute business trip. I hate to leave my buddy but I had no one to take him in so late. I had such a good experience, I would do it again if the occasion were to present itself.”

Scott Porco, amazing dog trainer in Montreal

Scott P

- West-Island

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