Montreal Dog Training & Obedience Services

Our Group Classes

Weekly group classes are available (Cote de Neige – Wednesday evenings). Are you a new dog owner struggling to manage your pet, or simply looking for a refresher course? You’re in the perfect spot. The dog training sessions you’ll participate in are primarily aimed at educating you, rather than just your dog.

Our Private Classes

Conducted at your home, at a time that suits you, these Montreal dog training classes cater to individuals with young children, seniors, those with disabilities, dogs needing personalized attention, or anyone with a hectic schedule.

Our Dog Consultation & Problem Solving

For targeted dog training needs (charged hourly), our Dog Training Consultation & Problem Solving Service aims to identify the root cause of your dog’s issues or behaviors. We’ll work out the most effective approach to tackle these issues and create a structured action plan to resolve them.

Our Advanced obedience

Elevate your dog training to a new height. By this stage, your dog has mastered the basic commands. It’s primarily the most committed dog owners who go beyond basic obedience. The majority of dogs relish the opportunity to learn new things, making training more engaging and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Our Dog Boarding & Training

Feeling overwhelmed with your new puppy? Don’t fret, we’re here to assist. Our four-week boarding service is tailored to address many typical issues that come with a new dog or puppy. This includes housebreaking, jumping on people, chasing other dogs, barking, biting, and food stealing.

Our Dog Boarding & Tune Up

If you’re a former student in need of dog boarding, we’re delighted to offer our services to all our previous clients. Board your dog with us for days filled with productive activities. During their stay, we’ll also take the opportunity to refresh your dog’s training.

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