Dog Boarding & Training

So you got a new dog or puppy and it is more work than you expected? Maybe you need a small break, you are going on vacation or have to go away for a couple of weeks. Well, we have a solution for you. Has your beloved pet boarded with us where he/she can live a full and productive day, all while they are getting the fundamental dog training they need to be good house pets? Only five dogs at a time may board with us, advanced reservations are important.

Montreal Dog Boarding Services

Expected Results for the Board And Dog Training Service

Dog Board & Training: $1500.00 – 4 weeks

Board & dog training (4 weeks with the instructor) 1500$ All taxes included.


  • We will cover elementary canine health, care, feeding, first aid and behavioral habits.
  • We will correct some common problems like housebreaking, jumping on people, chasing cars, barking, biting, food stealing, etc.
  • Your dog will walk with its nose at your knee with the use of a leash.
  • Your dog will come instantly upon command.
  • Your dog will sit upon command and stay in the spot regardless of distractions, for a limited time.
  • Your dog will lie down upon command and stay in the spot regardless of distractions for a reasonable time.
  • Your dog will stand upon command and allow itself to be groomed and treated.

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