Private Dog Training

Private lessons are designed for owners with young children, elderly, handicapped, or busy scheduled people; whatever your reason, Gaby is here to help! Gaby comes to your home & works with you in the privacy and comfort of your surroundings, at a mutually convenient time. The curriculum is identical to the group lessons. Friends are invited to join the lessons at no additional charge with a maximum of 2 dogs. Persons taking private lessons may also attend any group lessons at no extra charge.

Cartoon of a dog sitting ina living room

Expected Results

4 Week duration – 6 Hours of Instruction – $600.00 All Taxes Included

  • We will cover elementary canine health, care, feeding, first aid and behavioural habits.
  • We will correct some common problems like housebreaking, jumping on people, chasing cars, barking, biting, food stealing, etc.
  • Your dog will walk with its nose at your knee with the use of a leash.
  • Your dog will come instantly upon command.
  • Your dog will sit upon command and stay in the spot regardless of distractions, for a limited time.
  • Your dog will lie down upon command and stay in the spot regardless of distractions for a reasonable time.
  • Your dog will stand upon command and allow itself to be groomed and treated.

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