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Dog Obedience Classes in Montreal

Gaby Popper, understands the unique bond you share with your furry companion. Based in the heart of Montreal, we specialize in offering top-tier dog obedience classes that cater to dogs of all ages and breeds. Our mission is to enhance the relationship between you and your dog through effective communication and mutual respect.

Group Classes

$ 200
/4 weeks
  • Four-week group dog training course in Montreal, suitable for all dog ages.
  • Weekly 90-minute sessions covering basic obedience, health, care, and behavior correction.
  • Classes conducted at Saint Kevin's Church, priced at $200.
  • Utilizes positive reinforcement and operant conditioning techniques.
  • Offers free refresher courses for past students, emphasizing owner training.

Private Classes

$ 600
/4 weeks
  • 4-week private dog training course, totaling 6 hours, for $600.
  • Tailored for individuals with young children, elderly, handicapped, or busy schedules.
  • Gaby Popper provides training at the client's home for convenience and comfort.
  • Covers canine health, care, feeding, first aid, and behavior correction including common issues.
  • Allows participation in group classes at no extra charge.

Board & Train

$ 1500
/4 weeks
  • Great for busy people who don't have the time to train a puppy from A to Z
  • 4-week boarding and training program, priced at $1500
  • Focuses on elementary canine health, care, feeding, and first aid.
  • Addresses common behavioral issues like housebreaking, jumping, and barking.
  • Training for obedience commands like walking, sitting, and staying.
  • Limited to five dogs at a time for a more personalized training experience.
  • Opportunity for dogs to socialize in a controlled environment.
BEst Value

Our Approach to Dog Training

Our dog obedience classes are more than just teaching your dog to sit or stay. We focus on fostering a deeper understanding between you and your pet. Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement, ensuring a fun, engaging, and stress-free experience for both you and your dog.

Gaby Popper - Montreal Dog Trainer

Why Our Obedience Classes

Experienced Trainer

Gaby is passionate about dogs and possesses extensive knowledge in canine behavior and training techniques.

Customized Training Programs

We understand that every dog is unique. Our programs are tailored to suit the specific needs of your dog, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Flexible Schedules

We offer a variety of class schedules to accommodate your busy lifestyle, including weekend and evening options.

Supportive Community

Join a community of fellow dog lovers! Our classes provide an excellent opportunity for socialization for both you and your dog.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it! Visit our testimonials page to read stories from satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable transformations in their dogs.

Dany MortonsDany Mortons
11:41 10 Jun 24
I liked the course so much that my yok Kazanova and I decided to sign up for an advanced course!
Jack RossenJack Rossen
13:53 07 Jun 24
Those guys can create miracles. No more chewed shoes around the house and unpleasant surprises on a coach.
Kevin BredtKevin Bredt
00:23 27 May 24
Great dog trainer. My husky is now so well trained because of Gabby's expertise. Thank you.
Kelly PisarczykKelly Pisarczyk
22:47 26 May 24
Amazing dog trainer! Highly recommend. Trained my two sausage dogs!!!
Paula EngelsPaula Engels
20:27 14 Apr 24
Gaby has been very helpful in training me to train my dog. He knows dogs and he has a system that really works. If you work it. It takes perseverance, but listening to Gaby has given me a lot to great training tips, and the more I practice the better he gets!
Carnia MichelCarnia Michel
12:27 22 Mar 24
I had a great experience with Gaby Popper’s Training School. He has great knowledge about dogs and he will teach you all the tips and tricks that you need to know. I have learned so much myself about my dog. And he stays available even after the training. Very affordable for the service that you get. Super kind and patient trainer. I would definitely recommend him to others. Thank you Gaby!! 😃
Nat SupinoNat Supino
14:14 07 Mar 24
He knows what he’s talking about!
Eddie GoldwasserEddie Goldwasser
18:01 12 Feb 24
I have been training over the years with Gaby Popper several dogs 🐕 he seems to have a good understanding of there needs and has helped with the basics requirements for my dogs obedience with a gentle and kind approach.Keep up the good work.
Alex OseguedaAlex Osegueda
16:52 06 Feb 24
I highly recommend these dog training services! The knowledgeable trainer provided exceptional guidance and support, resulting in a positive and effective training experience for my furry friend. With their expertise, patience, and tailored approach, my dog showed remarkable progress. Five stars without a doubt!
Yael AlexYael Alex
16:42 06 Feb 24
Have known this boarding and training school for many years. Amazing service. Very knowledgeable and great with our dog. The dogs are treated with kindness and love and my dog has always been happy coming back from Gaby’s. I have trusted Gaby with my dog for over 15 years and will continue to do so.
Lorraine BushLorraine Bush
21:24 02 Feb 24
Gaby is the most knowledgeable, kind trainer. He will share his knowledge & give you the skills to train your dog. It's then up to you to practice, practice practice. Some dogs take longer to learn, but with patience and repetitions you will see that Gaby's training skills absolutely work. I knew him many years ago as my sis in law & friend hired him as a trainer. Now that I'm a senior with a recent adopted GSD adult dog, I knew who to call. He truly is the dog whisperer of Montreal. I recommend him with no hesitation.
14:45 21 Jan 24
Gabby Popper is a great dog trainer. He offers the best class for the best price. He has some mixed reviews here over his sense of humour. He sometimes says some jokes that rub people the wrong way, but it’s all coming from a good place in his heart. I highly recommend him. After just our second class, our dog Penny is much better behaved.
Karla MolinaKarla Molina
17:54 12 Jan 24
Thank you M. Gaby for taking care of our dog!
Catarina MarquesCatarina Marques
01:12 26 Dec 23
After 2 private classes our dog was not pulling as much on the leash. We still have work to do but his methodes will help us to keep working on the issues.
Martin ReichherzerMartin Reichherzer
15:18 10 Dec 23
Mai LacMai Lac
02:29 09 Dec 23
Gaby has deep knowledge of everything about dogs. He is very patient and loves dogs. So much experience with dog training. He will give very useful information about being parent for your furry friend. I learned so much in training my puppy. I have never seen my puppy obey commands before Gaby. I highly recommend Gaby to train your dog. Cheers.
s zbs zb
01:13 23 Jul 20
A bit over a year ago, I got a 2 month samoyed puppy, and as a novice 22 year old dog owner that had never experienced having a dog and lived alone, I was terrified of the amount of chaos and stress this puppy was causing me for the first 2 weeks. I remember first calling Graham Smith from Bark busters for an estimate, and he put me in tears by telling me that he will not take my money because samoyeds are not only extremely hard to train, but that MY puppy was going to be impossible to train because he probably has serious behavioural issues ( he had never even seen my puppy ever in his life) so he was not going to even waste his time and take my money. Some of his exact words were: " Ufff.... Why did you get a samoyed though?". (yup, this guy claims being the #1 dog trainer in gotta believe him right?!) Long story short, I felt terrified, lonely and all I could think about was that I made a huge mistake for taking on the responsibility of a dog that is untrainable according to Mr. Smith! Why did I get a samoyed? I could have just gotten a shitzu for Christs sake! WHY is he peeing on my carpet? why is he crying in his crate all day long? why did he eat all my high heels? Is he actually going to be like this for the next 10 + years?! Do I actually have to return him...? That last question made me want to hear another opinion, so the same night, I called Gaby Popper to have another opinion. I was a bit afraid to call him because I thought he was going to tell me the exact same stuff as the other trainer. Well, I was wrong. Instead, he spent more than half an hour explaining how puppies are, how humans are, how they age, and how their personalities are NOT the same and there is NO such thing as an "untrainable dog". He then invited me to go to his group training sessions because he believed it's not even necessary to have a one on one for his age and that he is just being a puppy! I went for a few sessions before I ended up getting loaded on work and school, but in those very few sessions, not only did he teach me how to speak, act, understand and train my dog, more than anything, He ended up training ME as a human... and today I realize that it was ultimately all I needed. He motivated me so much and made it easy to actually understand my dog, and his personality to then be able to train him... and everything started to get better and better and better. Today, I sit next to my 1.4 year old best friend (I call him Fluffy), that makes my life so much easier instead of harder, that is smart, kind, that I love, that helps me with my anxiety and is such a good boy! Mr. Gaby Popper, Thank you for making me understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel, to NOT give up, be consistent and that patience is virtue. not just regarding training a puppy, but in life in general. If someone is reading my review and finds themselves helpless, please do yourself a favour, and go to his class. but remember, if you go, go with an open heart and mind and be willing to give your 100%.

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