Gaby Popper offers both group and private dog training classes in Montreal. These classes are designed to help dog owners effectively train their pets, addressing a range of behaviors and obedience skills.

The group classes are held weekly at 5600 Ch. de la Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal, QC H3T 1Z1.

Gaby Popper’s dog training sessions can be conducted in multiple languages including English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese.

Private dog training sessions are $100 per hour, providing personalized attention to address specific behavioral issues or training goals.

The duration of the training course varies depending on the specific needs of your dog and the type of training (group or private). Generally, courses run for 4 weeks to ensure comprehensive training and behaviour modification.

Yes, Gaby Popper employs humane, positive reinforcement techniques that are grounded in scientific understanding of dog behavior. This ensures effective training in a way that is respectful and kind to the dog.

Yes, in-home training sessions are available for convenience and to address behaviours in the dog’s regular environment. This option can be discussed and arranged based on your location and specific needs.

Yes, Gaby Popper also provides boarding services for dogs, particularly useful for clients who need a safe and reliable place for their dogs when out of town.

Gaby Popper believes in training the dog owner as much as the dog. The approach focuses on understanding canine behavior and how owners can effectively communicate and set boundaries for their pets.

To get started, you can contact Gaby Popper directly at (514) 941-2178 or fill out the form on the website to receive more information and schedule your training sessions.

Yes, Gaby Popper offers a free e-book titled “How To Train Your Dog & Puppy,” which includes basic principles of dog training, commonly asked questions, and tips for dog owners.

Absolutely. There are customer reviews available on the website & Google Maps providing insights into the experiences of other dog owners who have trained with Gaby Popper.

Dogs of all ages are welcome. Whether you have a puppy needing basic training or an older dog requiring behaviour correction, Gaby Popper tailors the training to suit the age and learning ability of your dog.

Owners are typically advised to bring a leash, any regular treats or toys used for their dog, and a notepad for taking down important points. Specific requirements may be provided upon enrollment or inquiry.

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